The 7 Figure Roadmap is a step-by-step guide to the things that a person needs to do in order to reach their dreams of financial independence. It is full of easy-to-use practices that can help you reach your goals. And it’s absolutely free. Just see the link to get your copy. 

In a series of blogs we will take a look at some of those steps. This isn’t material taken from the actual roadmap, but rather some extra thoughts on the steps. Think of these blogs as “bonus material”.


1st Section in the Roadmap is Clarity


It will come as no surprise that having a clear vision of everything, both needed and wanted, you’ll never be able to achieve your dream. 

Without clarity it’s like running a race without ever being told where the finish line is located. You do a lot of work and you don’t know if you’re any closer to your goal. 


So let’s take a little look at just what we need to do to get that clarity into our lives. 


First, just like the race analogy above, we need to know where the finish line is located. It doesn’t matter if that finish line is full financial independence, buying a house, or even just getting through a tough time, knowing where you need/want to end up is essential to obtaining your dream. 


But you need more than that to achieve clarity. Let’s look at a clear lake. We’ve all seen pictures of water that is so clear you can see the bottom. And we’ve all marveled at just how amazing it looks. But when we see the clear water we often forget that the reason we can’t see that everywhere is because there is stuff in the way. Even when water looks “clean” we still might not be able to see the bottom because of the stuff that is in the way. 

You see, water is made up entirely of oxygen and hydrogen. These are two gasses and both invisible. If it was just purely H2O going on all water would be clear, but that’s not the case when it comes to most bodies of water. Other things get added to the water, or get dredged up from the bottom and soon what should be crystal clear is no longer so clear. 


So, Clarity is more than just knowing where you need to finish, it’s about knowing what’s in your way and how to either clear them out of the way or work around them. Take that time to make a little list of the things you feel are stopping you from achieving your dreams. Are they things that you can delete? And if they are things you can’t delete, can you work around them? In a real heart to heart moment, if you find that you have too many things that you can’t either delete or work around, you might not get to that dream. 

You’ll only get their if you put in some real work – and keep your desire strong. But that first step of recognizing what is blocking your clear view of the finish line is a very important step in reaching your dream. 


Now, go and build your clarity. Identify your dream/goal and then make that list of everything that is standing in your way. Step by step, eliminate or work around the obstacles and you stand a great chance of reaching the goal. 

This all gets done in the roadmap of course, and more importantly, if you do it or have done it, my team can make a custom plan for you and help you take the next steps.

Let's do it!


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