What is the 7 Figure Roadmap?

Uncategorized May 05, 2021

The 7 Figure Roadmap - Explained


This started as an answer to my own questions and problems as an entrepreneur.

I needed to gather all my ideas, passions, and intellect into something organized, simple, and actually effective. 

Really... I was in need of the same answers to the same questions as any entrepreneur, artist, creator, or business owner. Yet... these answers were hard to pin down, and harder to answer. This is what lead to creating the 7 Figure Roadmap... remembering how stuck I was until I actually DID get there, and DID build my own businesses successfully to 7 figures and beyond...

(I also learned how to LOSE or FAIL in those businesses, which is valuable wisdom... but more on that in another post)

What is the 7 Figure Roadmap, and how does it work?


First, we need to understand the core process of figuring out, and accomplishing a 7 Figure plan. This is the same no matter what you do, or what your business is.

Typically, the process of accomplishing the "entrepreneur mission" looks like this:

1. You have a dream, or “your why”. You decide to commit to yourself and what you want. This seems obvious, but if you don't make a SERIOUS decision on what you want, you will just float around and never hit anything significant. You have to decide!

2. Next, you need a plan. A reasonable action plan that COULD get you to the dreams and goals you have… a plan that makes sense, adds up, and can actually be done.

3. Next, figure out what that plan is going to take in resources and investments of time and money… what it will take in terms of people and talent
and - you figure out what you are missing now and how to go get it.

4. Once you have clarity, a plan, the resources all that is left is taking action on it.

Oddly enough, most people get stuck on the very first part. We all have dreams and goals, but most people never actually make a reasonable, realistic, and thought out PLAN to get there.

When I realized this, it was absolutely bonkers to me

Lucky for me, I am actually very talented at planning and strategy. I am gifted with an ability to see fairly far ahead, and to recognize all the pieces of a whole. Planning things is FUN for me and something I can do very well. While this is easy for me, a lot of people don’t know where to even start when it comes to making a plan… it is all so overwhelming and intimidating.

So, fast forward. I have a business taking off, and I am learning marketing. At the time I wasn’t very knowledgeable. I learned I needed a “freemium” or valuable “lead magnet”. The idea is… if you make something really valuable you can give away for free, you can build a list with that, an audience that digs what you have to say… and it shows your authority and ability to solve your clients problems… all without asking the client for anything in return.

I needed a tool for myself and my guys… something that took us from “dreamer” status to “confident doer” status.


Thus, the 7 Figure Roadmap was born

What you get with this free tool is pretty cool. You get some really focused information on HOW to get to 7 Figures. No matter what you do! 


Even if you are just working a job, or not your own boss or a business owneranyone can create 7 Figures in their career. For some of you, you are rolling your eyes or saying to yourself “yeah right, not with what I do”. You are not correct if that is you, and I’ll show you if you check out the roadmap for yourself.

In fact, most of us don’t think of a million bucks in a realistic way. A million bucks to most people seems like A LOT of money. Huge, rich people money.

Truth is, it is NOT a lot of money. We have kinda messed ourselves up mentally believing it is.

I won’t get too far into a ramble about how much money a million dollars actually is, and how it breaks down… That will come in another post.

What I want to focus on right now, is that in order for ANYONE in the modern world to retire comfortably… in order for ANYONE to have total financial freedom and security…. (Which is a requirement if you are going to live your dream life) EVERYONE will need to earn 7 Figures, and most of us have no idea how to do it. Or how to make a plan for it. Or that it is even reasonable or possible for you to do.

With the 7 Figure Roadmap, all of that is taken care of for you. 

You will have the numbers 

Knowing how much you have to actually do in order to really hit your goals.

Imagine knowing exactly how many products or services you have to provide in what YOU do, down to the exact numbers and processes... in order to WIN and be financially free, and personally free to make your life your own without money being an issue.

You will have a plan

Know what direction to head, what actions you should take next, and the “map” from

Point A - where you are now…
Point B - the goal you have for your life.

You will have clarity


Know exactly what you have, exactly what you are missing to complete the plan, and where you can get anything you are missing.

Imagine this for a second....

The dreams you have for your life… after this, they are going to look POSSIBLE. Not only fun to dream about, but you will understand how to make that REAL for you.


You will know how to get anything you are missing

THAT IS HUGE!!! Think about that! 


If nothing was missing but taking action, would that be a game changer for you!?

Plus, on top of answering all these questions and clarifying the way forward for you, my expert team is willing to create a CUSTOMIZED 7 Figure Roadmap, just for you...
totally free.

We know this will help people, and the world at large. More dreams becoming reality means a better world, and better people. We are passionate about this mission!

The only reason people don’t go for their dreams is because they don’t think they can.


They don’t know how to make it possible. They think it will be too hard, or costly to them. They settle because they honestly think that settling is safer, and will hurt less.

Let’s end that era of doubt, eh? There is WAY too much potential and possibility to give up on yourself and your dreams that easily!


Your dreams ARE possible. You just need to see it and understand it, then you can't help but believe it, and act on it. This is all I needed, and it starts happening...

Then all that is left to do, is act on it. Quit making excuses... AND……. ask for help. We can help with literally any aspect of building your 7 Figure Roadmap and income.

The sales. The marketing. The coaching and knowledge aspect.

We can even help you get the money you are missing.

(Money isn’t actually the problem 90% of you dreamers usually think it is. This is an easy thing to solve, trust me. Once you know what we know, you will see money has never been holding you back… it has been a lack of knowledge. If you knew what to do, you would do it!)

IF you had everything you could possibly need to make your dreams real…. Would you show up? Would you do it?


Would you make your dreams come true?

If the answer is yes, then take this small step to get your 7 Figure Roadmap filled out, right now- today! I know you are gonna get pumped about it.

Trust me- feeling CLEAR and excited about a plan forward is going to provide you with motivation and excitement you didn’t know you had.

As an added promise to you, I'm even willing to personally meet with you and help you with this project… if you are reading this right now and PUMPED to finally have clarity, and a plan that can WORK for you… I am just as pumped to help you see it through.

If a million people around the world took themselves from just surviving… to CRUSHING it in their life, making big money, being free… and pursuing what they want…

Those million freedom seeking dreamers could change the world, and fix any problem in the world together. No need for billionaires, politics, or approval. We could do it ourselves.

A million people with the right heart, and the right resources, and the right attitude… that can save the world from destroying itself and make it better than ever.

That is our mission. Create a life and future we are all proud of. I hope you join me!

Check out the 7 Figure Roadmap here for free → 7 Figure Roadmap

And as always, say hi to me and ask me anything. I’m excited to meet you and help you make your dream a reality too.

We figured this stuff out so you don’t have to. You just have to show up and do what you love.


                                     It's time for us to make it.


                                                                                         Text me, say hi, become friends...
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